VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Assessment & Mangement

At The Arbor Centre we operate at the cutting-edge in the rapidly advancing field of Tree Safety Management, Tree Risk Assessment, and Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) Hazard Evaluation. We are pioneers in this important and skilled discipline and are involved in the new ground-breaking Tree Risk-Benefit Assessment & Management program VALID.

Many tree owners and managers have been left unnecessarily worried about tree safety and their exposure to liability by court cases. This increased fear of tree safety has been further fuelled by the BS 8516 draft and National Tree Safety Group (NTSG) publications. We can provide reasonable and proportional tree risk assessments at all levels, from a strategic overview, to the detailed decay mapping of a tree.

The Arbor Centre regularly undertakes tree inspections, surveys, appraisals, and valuations. The scope and extent of these tree assessments can be customised to meet your needs. By analysing tree survey data and working with our clients, we can prescribe and prioritise tree work to meet specific objectives within pre-set budgets.


We are at the forefront of the practice of Plant Health Care in the UK. This holistic approach to tree management is environmentally friendly and fully encompasses the integrated nature of urban landscapes. Sustainable urban tree cover is promoted by focusing on the economic savings intrinsic to prevention of tree problems, rather than the wasteful costs of trying to cure them.

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