BS 5837 Tree Survey Report - Planning Application

At The Arbor Centre we fully understand how a BS 5837 tree survey report can effectively support your planning application, and we provide comprehensive guidance on BS 5837 in the planning process. From an Arboricultural Constraints Assessment (ACA) to maximise the development value of the site; to the Arboricultural Implications Assessment (AIA) report and Tree Protection Plan (TPP) to get planning permission; and provision of an Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS) to meet planning conditions.

Working closely with the development team, we bring a depth and breadth of expertise, experience, and advice to your planning proposal. Using AutoCAD, BS 5837, and by contributing from the feasibility and design stages, we can identify potential conflicts, prescribe solutions, and resolve tree-related problems in our tree reports before planning applications are submitted.

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